Engage the audience is always the very first step to a successful marketing campaign. Our experienced PURL experts provide you with various marketing tactics to get your audience¡¯s attention.



Various Online Playing Games Being Interesting and Eye-catching

Want to enjoy the excitement of the chance to win big prizes just by playing games online? Absolutely sure! Be entertained, be pleasured and what¡¯s more, get additional prize without any cost. Can you afford not to move your mouth or fingers to click on the Personalized Landing Page? Our PURL campaign agents offer your audience with numerous games playing online to engage them. If you want to engage a special group of people by customized games to catch their attention, we can also create a new customized games to meet your needs. Here is some samples of the game playing online.



Customized Video Embedded in the Personalized Landing Page

It is proven by experts that people usually remember about 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see and 70% of what they hear plus see. The PURL microsite with a customized video to tell the audience bargains or promotion event will theoretically two times more effective than the PURL without video. However, it actually three more times effective. It do not only engage customers, but helps them easily learn of the current promotion and offer. And if the video and PURL campaigned carried out correctly, the response rate will be 3.25 times than usual. You can create the video yourself or we can create one to your needs. Click here to review a PURL with customized video.

Video Creation Notes: 1. Video should be created at 420 x 307 pixels and remain as close to or under 30 seconds. (The video load time varies and depends on the speed of the internet connection. ) Keep the video short and direct to the point. (According to the survey, 30 seconds are enough to capture a customer¡¯s attention.)

Unique Dynamic Questions to Arouse Interest for Specific Purpose

Create your own unique dynamic questions to address different customer segments and collect specific information. On our platform, you are able to add up to 3 additional questions to your survey¡¯s personalized landing page registration. The dynamic questions can be of different styles, such as a combination of yes/no question, multiple choice question, text question, etc. These unique questions can be moved to the top of the registration form. For example, if you want to know what kind of product your customer is most interested in, you can list this feature question on your landing page. It is a great way to boost open, read, and click-through rates. On our platform, it is also very easy to set up and create such dynamic questions. For further information, contact us.

Schedule An Appointment Online by a few Clicks at Finger Tips

Studies have shown that more than 42% of direct mail recipients prefer to respond online, our PURL campaign allows your customer to schedule an appointment while visiting the specific landing page, saving their time as well. With our advanced technology, the appointment scheduler can be customized to your promotion, store hours and available staff. You can set the appointment times according to your pace, such as every 15 minutes, half hour, hour, etc. Also, you can set how many appointments are available in each time period. With the aid of our reporting tool, you can monitor appointments and even assign staff to those customers that schedule them.

Once the visitors schedule an appointment online at their PURL, they can view their appointment confirmation on the screen, or receive the confirmation by an email or both.


Appointment Confirmation on Screen

Appointment Confirmation Sent by Email

Static Landing Pages to Collect Valuable Personal Information

Gather valuable information of your targets with the Personalized Static Landing Pages. The more you get to know your customers, the more chances you can get them into your customer list. Our Static Landing Pages help you to launch your campaign not only tied to a individual, but also on newspaper inserts, email campaigns, websites and more. Actually, the Static Landing Page is the page without any personal information in the initial landing page, which can also be seen as the lead to the Personalized Landing Page. It is a great way to capture information from potential customers that visit the Static Landing Pages, collecting useful personal information for the next campaigns.


The Static Landing Page

Mail Your Customers Scan-to-Win Certificates to Get them at Your Location

With our Scan-to-Win technology, you are easy to get your potential customers surface at your store, start further communication more effectively by a face to face talk and interaction. Send direct mail piece to your audience with a personalized scan code inserted in it or add a scan code to a certificate the customer will receive after registering at their PURL, inviting them to come at your location to register for prizes. This is a great way for any industry to attract new potential customers. Our odds-based system allows you to set odds on any prizes or discounts to your needs. Note that we also offer sweepstakes insurance up to $50,000 for your scan-to-win event.

Our software allows you to run scan-to-win events on one of our in-store kiosks or with a laptap and a handscanner.

Call us now to give your next promotion such added marketing power.

Encourage Customers Initiatively Share Your Offers on Social Media Sites

It is no deny that social media becomes one of most important marketing tools. No marketers can afford not use the social media in their marketing campaigns, our PURL experts are no exception. Our PURLs allow your customers to share offers and promotion events to their social media pages. The sharing tools are active on the PURL, your customer can share it easily with only a few clicks. It is apparently a great way to extend new offers, and purse new leads.

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