• What is PURL & Personalized Landing Page?

A PURL is a personalized URL, a unique and personalized web address created especially for each recipient. More often, the first name or the full name of the recipient becomes part of the web address, such as www.johnsmith.purlpromo.com, www.anna.vehiclesale.com , etc.

Once the recipient access the PURL on the browser, he or she is visiting the Personalized Landing Page built for him or her, normally, his or her name is called in the landing page.

However, to be a qualified PURL, not only the web address should include the name of the recipient, but also the Personalized Landing Page should be customized to the recipientí»s interests and needs.

  • Why Our PURLs can help my business?

Our PURLs can help you increase your business profits from the very beginning to the end, engaging new prospects, pre-analyzing consumerí»s needs and interests , measuring and reporting in-depth details, reacting to recipientí»s action automatically and quickly.

In short, our purls helps you to be successful in the very first start to capture targetí»s attention and takes advantages of our advanced technology to get valuable additional information of your targets, tracks every move of the targets in real time and gets reports in incredible details, reacts automatically based on the activity and grasps the best time to reach out customers effectively. Our platform provides you the best service and makes your campaigns into a positive cycle to gain life-time profits.

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